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What is Aseem Portal?

ASEEM Portal stands for Aatamanirbhar Skilled Employee Employer Mapping Portal, it was launched on 10 July 2020, post the Aatamanirbharta Campaign of the government of India. The portal was launched by the Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, it is aimed at helping skill people and empolyers find a common avenue to enable both in finding better opportunity. It is aimed at decrease and lessen the demand-supply gap of skilled labor in the country.

It was developed by a subsidary of the Indian government formed in 2008 called the National Skill Development Corporation in collaboration with a Banglaluru company called "Betterplace".

What does ASEEM Portal do?

It is a Artificial intelligence based platform to enable skilled people to find better employment opportunities. It basically makes is a common working platform where people put in their requirements for skilled labor, further people looking for working opportunities can put in their skills and CVs.

Further it is an analytical tool gives various economical tools to enable better recruiting, formulate hiring plans and efficient workflows.

It is basically consistent of three parts for a complete skill work force tool. Its a efficient concoction of three IT interfaces to give a powerful platform

1. Employer Portal

2. Dashboard

3. Candidate Application


The platform not only provides the data from its own users and help provide employment. The government took a step back and integrated various of its skill development schemes and employment schemes. The application already was based and developed with data from Ministry of Skill Development and Enterpreneurship and further incorporated data from the Gareeb Kalyan Rojgar Yojana. it is further to receive data from Pradan Mantri Kalyan Vikas Yojana.

Increasing it already 20 lakh worker base to over 1.2 crore candidates. This means this application is to provide a promise of employment to people developing skills in accordance with market requirement. The need for employment in the current condition is a requirement and now is the time.

The application claims that it has more than 100 employers providing over 2 lakh job even in the present conditions. This will further help the economy get back on its feet and get at a better condition thru these smart skilled based employment.

The app provides easy employment opportunities and that is a important job, now more than ever. Through ASEEM Portal Registration, skilled employees will get job opportunities from large companies that provide good salaries. Registered candidates will also get jobs in Swiggy, Zomato, Ola, Uber, SIS Securities and more than 50 companies

Necessary Documents & Eligibility to Apply on ASEEM Portal

This portal can be applied only to registered companies.

It will be mandatory for all companies to give minimum salary to their employees.

Along with this, the employees will have to give information about their earlier work which they used to do. To register on the Aseem portal you will need an Aadhaar card, identity card, mobile number and email ID. Registration here is as simple as opening the official web page ([https://smis.nsdcindia.org/](https://smis.nsdcindia.org/)) going on the '**For applicant'** tab and filling out the details.


The application tries to help the economy get back on the feet and further provide employment specially when it is the most important when the nation is in the terms of crisis. It encompasses and includes various scheme launched over the years making it a well thought out and step in the right decision.

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